• Stylish.
  • The washbasins feature extremely precise, parallel lines that, inside the basin, make way for soft and round transitions. Made from the innovative material DuraCeram®, precise rims can be created that are just 5mm thick. This maximises the size of the basin, which is also particularly easy to clean.  
  • Architectonic design.
  • The fusion of rectangle and circle.
  •  The above-counter basin is also available with a glazed back and all-round rim and can therefore be positioned directly in front of a mirror.
  • Also suitable for smaller rooms – the subtle shapes of the ceramic and console of the hand rinse basin create particular transparency and lightness.



  • DUR-2354600041


    Founded as a small earthenware factory in 1817 by Georg Friedrich Horn in the Black Forest, Duravit did not begin to produce sanitary fixtures until the early 20th century, such as sinks, bidets, and toilets. In the 1980s, the product line was expanded to offer bathroom accessories. The 1980s and 1990s were also characterised by various corporate acquisitions, including "Ceramique de Bischwiller" in 1991, "MISR TECH" in 1999, and a partial stake in Laufen. This period also saw the further growth of product lines, including the introduction of bathroom furniture. In 1994, Duravit opened a new, modern plant for the production of sanitary ceramics.

    Duravit's expansion continued in the first decade of the 21st Century with the establishment of subsidiaries in Turkey, India and China. The Duravit Design Center in Hornberg, designed by Philippe Starck, was also completed during this time. The brand is currently available in over 130 countries.